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ESET Home Security

Why do our customers prefer our Advanced Threat Protection

Additional layer of defense

Locating defenses outside your home or corporate network prevents ransomware and zero-day threats from ever executing in a production environment.

Power of the cloud

This solution uses the immense computing power of cloud sandboxing to run a whole battery of tests, isolating and analysing suspicious files if required.

Unparalleled speed

Every minute counts. That’s why our advanced threat defense is designed to analyse the majority of new samples in under 5 minutes.

Whether you are an individual or a business, ESET is the product of choice.

ESET LiveGuard Advanced

Provides proactive cloud-based threat defense against targeted attacks and new, never-before-seen threat types, especially ransomware.

Future-proof your organization’s
IT security with:

  • Advanced unpacking & scanning
  • Cutting-edge machine learning
  • Cloud-based sandboxing
  • In-depth behavioral analysis

Enabled for ESET products:

  • Modern Endpoint Protection
  • Server Security
  • Mail Security
  • Cloud App Protection

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