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AnyTech CipherPost Pro – Email Encryption Overview

AnyTech CipherPost Pro is an affordable and highly secure email encryption service that’s simple to deploy and offers extensive message tracking and auditing.Businesses handling confidential information have legal and moral obligations to ensure it stays that way and especially so when emailing it. Email encryption is the obvious answer and Anytechs CipherPost Pro offers a simple and affordable cloud service that neatly avoids the problems inherent in many other solutions.


CipherPost Pro uses AppRiver’s Secure Messaging Platform (SMP) to provide complete end-to-end security. When a user sends an email with AnyTech CipherPost Pro, it avoids using insecure SMTP and establishes an HTTPS connection to the cloud datacentre. The email is sent securely to the cloud servers where it is stored with 256-bit AES encryption. SMTP is only used to send a notification email to the recipient which doesn’t contain any confidential data or file attachments.

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