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Data Protection isn’t optional

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Preventing data loss

The ways businesses can lose presentations, financial reports, and other important files are numerous. Whether it’s file corruption, hardware failure, malware attack, accidental deletion, or a natural disaster, every business is at risk. While you might wave away the idea you could unknowingly scrap an important file, accidental deletion is in fact one of the most common forms of data loss. You will have definitely seen the headlines about businesses crippled by ransomware – and you need to be aware the same thing most certainly can happen to you.

Productivity suffers

The loss of an essential file means it has to be rebuilt, which will eat up hours of time that could be spent on other critical tasks. Every business has important data that would be difficult or, in some cases, impossible to recreate. Months or years of financial information would be impossible to replace, yet many businesses store their accounting or other critical data on a single workstation with no duplicates.

Uncovering the real cost of downtime

Use this simple calculation to justify why you may need to look at how your data is managed. 

Simply swap out the figures and do the maths for your business

25 employee company £100,000 revenue per employee per year
25 employees X £100,000 per year = £2.5 million in total revenue per year
250 working days per year = £400 in revenue per day
£400 X 25 employees = £10,000 in revenue per day
Lost productivity: £10,000 per day
Remediation: £800 per day


How much will a future proof backup system cost?

We are a business that understands that all businesses are different, thats why we have bespoke packaes to reflect your budget and type of business. You can always scale up as the need arises. Below is an example of a business critical server device backup, you may well have data held elsewhere and as such we would provide a specific quotation in those instances.

Data backup

BMR Disaster recovery

Business continuity

  • System backup
  • One backup per day
  • 28 days retention
  • Offsite storage
  • Full system backup
  • Two backups per day
  • 60 days retention
  • Offsite storage
  • Hybrid backups for faster restores
  • Monthly archiving
  • Quarterly restore testing
  • Full system backup
  • 12 backups per day
  • 90 days retention
  • Offsite storage
  • Hybrid backups for faster restores
  • Monthly archiving
  • Monthly restore testing
  • Standby VM with daily screenshot
For the least critical data (or most limited budgets) you can provide a basic level of recovery with a 24-hour SLA and varying recovery locations. At this level, you can offer recovery in the cloud, with an SLA of resuming operations within a four-to-12-hour
A full, warm standby server is available for immediate recovery of your clients’ most critical applications
and data.

To implement security and backup that is fitting for your business get in touch with us. Complete the contact form or call us on 01202 460279.